About Coastline

Our Story

Meet Savannah Martinez, the visionary behind Coastline Swimwear.

Her journey commenced at 18 when she traded the rainy days of Washington State for the sun-soaked shores of Huntington Beach, California.

Falling head over heels for the endless summers and sandy coastline, the seed of a dream was planted.

Southern California life fueled her love for travel, and between college classes, Savannah explored some of the world's most beautiful beaches, discovering a profound connection to the ocean.

Seven years later, Savannah returned to her Pacific Northwest roots, brimming with happiness but missing the coastal flair of swimwear. In 2017, with unwavering support from friends and family, she transformed her dream into reality, by founding Coastline Swimwear. Inspired by global beaches and fueled by a passion to bring something fresh to the PNW, the boutique was born.

Coastline Swimwear isn't just about fashion; it's a celebration of Pacific Northwest living — exploring, adventuring, and embracing one's inner wild child.

It's here to ignite that spark within.

The journey started with a love for travel and a realization: there was a gap in stylish swimwear that also delivered top-notch quality. So, a collection was curated that suits any beachside occasion, from laid-back weekends with friends to spontaneous trips abroad.

The mission is clear: to empower women to feel sexy and confident as they navigate their world.

Welcome to Coastline Swimwear, where fashion meets adventure, and every bikini tells a story.